When is the best time to travel? Every year, this question arises again – and the answer is: That all depends on what you have in mind. Would you like to lie on the beach or go steep slopes? Do you want to climb on lonely mountains or cross the desert? Nature or culture? Heat or snow? Wellness & Spa or adventure activities?


Fancy winter sports? Then off you go! Snowboarders and skiers will find in the Alps between January and March the best conditions. Best-of-Switzerland.net and Best-of-Austria.net provide a deeper virtual experience into these countries.

Or do you have enough of the (European) winter? Fortunately, at the other end of the world you can enjoy summer – for example, in New Zealand. Fjords, glaciers and rainforests, volcanoes, geysers, vineyards and palm beaches – on the two islands you will find a variety of landscapes such as in hardly any other country. Enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of the “kiwis” and explore with plenty of leisure the wonders of nature with pleasant temperatures around 25 degrees.

Not warm enough? Then Jamaica would be a good alternative. In January with temperatures around 30 degrees it’s relatively dry and especially “storm-free”. The perfect time for nature lovers and sun-seekers. There’s also a cultural highlight in mid-January, the music festival “Rebel Salute” – a must for all reggae fans.


For many travel enthusiasts, in February it’s time of the carnival. Carnival Monday 2016 on 8 February. Those who do not want to have fun in the German strongholds of Cologne and Dusseldorf, can also celebrate Carnival in distant lands. E.g. in classic Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or in the Seychelles from 22 to 24 April for the foolish bustle – at temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees.

Another recommendation is South India. Find houseboat vacationers in the backwaters deceleration. Bulbous wooden boats sail through a maze of rivers, lakes and canals – pure relaxation. And, last but not least, But you can also escape the bad weather on Mallorca in February with its almond blossom and the pleasant temperatures. The Balearic Islands – just a stone’s throw away from Central Europe.


More than 300 sunny days a year – in March Malta is worth visiting. The island, which is situated between Europe and Africa, welcomes you already with blooming gardens. Then the opera festival takes place in the Manoel Theatre. The magnificent National Theatre of Malta is in itself worth a visit. Even Sicily is reflected in March already in full splendor: almond trees in bloom, lush lemon and orange groves. These colorful markets offer a lot of culture – visit the lively Palermo, admiring the temples of Agrigento and enjoy in addition to the rich culture of the Sicilian

You need more sun, beach and crystal clear waters? Thailand is another good holiday destination at this time of the year. Explore lively Bangkok and head further to some of Thailand’s fantastic beach resorts and beautiful islands, such as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Lanta and many more. Have a look at Best-of-Thailand.net for more details.


The weather in April usually shows up very changeable in Europe: sometimes the sun is shining, then it’s raining or snowing again for days. Now is the perfect time for city breaks to Barcelona, Paris or Istanbul. Please have a look at Best-of-Barcelona.net, Best-of-Paris.net or Best-of-Istanbul.net.

Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that lies on two continents – Europe and Asia. The metropolis with its mild and humid maritime climate with pleasant 17 degrees invites you to stroll and shop. Flower friends come in April for the two-week “Tulip Festival”, in which you will see millions of blooming tulips.

Also worth visiting is Marrakesh in April: colorful souks and magnificent palaces – the wondrous world of the Orient will fascinate you. The Moroccan royal city is actually accessible to many Mediterranean cruises from the ports Casablanca and Agadir.


Shortly before the summer holidays, the holiday havens are not as crowded and the temperature in e.g. the southern European countries is not as high as in July and August. Especially for active vacationers who bet on a vacation in Europe, May is the optimal travel time.

For example, South Tyrol and La Palma are popular holiday destinations for hikers. Anyone planning a city break, Prague should not be forgotten. Especially music lovers come in May in the Czech capital at their expense when the festival “Prague Spring” at various venues will sound classical music.

Or maybe London? At the annual horticultural “Chelsea Flower Show”, the capital shows five days at the Royal Hospital in bloom. Visit Best-of-London.net for more details.

Or Hamburg is always worth a visit. Hamburg is the place where maritime culture meets German tradition. Have a closer look at Best-of-Hamburg.net.

June, July & August

In summer time, Germany is a holiday paradise – the islands of the North Sea, such as Sylt and Amrum to the Baltic Sea and further down to Chiemsee and the Black Forest. Whatever you holiday plans are, there’s much to see and explore. How about the capital: Berlin! Have a look at Best-of-Berlin.net.

Have you already thought about Norway? The ideal time to travel in the Scandinavian country, is in July, when the days are the longest, lightest and warmest. The average temperature is about 22 degrees … Oslo or outdoor holiday in the countryside?

Another interesting experience in summer is Russia. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal – if you have an interest in the beautiful soul of Russia … have a look at Best-of-Russia.net.

Much Nature awaits in Canada: turquoise lakes, snow-capped peaks, bears and moose – the west of the country is a real nature adventure! You might want to explore nature parks without Internet and electricity.


This month is a good time to travel for singles and couples without children, who wish to leave the hustle and bustle behind. Pleasant temperatures can be found in Southern Europe. Recommended are, for example, the Algarve in Portugal, the Provence in France or the south coast of Turkey.

September is also a good time for a trip to South Africa: Enjoy the wildlife in the Kruger National Park, the Blyde River Canyon, the views from Table Mountain. And not to miss: Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

September is also ideal for a round trip in China: comfortable temperatures, little rain and no tourist season. Temperatures in Beijing are at 25 degrees – ideal for visiting the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. Shanghai offers numerous cultural events in mid-September.


Autumn is a good time to travel, too. There are many destinations in the world, who just then have its own charm. An attractive photo backdrop can be found for example in the cities of Vienna, Paris, Venice or Rome. Halloween and Thanksgiving are good opportunities to travel to the United States.

Or would you prefer desert, sea and Petra? Jordan is considered a safe travel destination, the visit is best with an organizer. Water temperatures around 27 degrees are perfect for a beach holiday on the Red Sea – the coral reefs and fishing grounds make every dive a special experience. Maybe you would like to enjoy the hospitality of the Bedouin and to follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia?

How about Greece in October? The tourist season is over and islands start preparing for winter. Crete, Kos, Samos or Athens – there’s a lot to enjoy in every part of Greece. Have a look at Best-of-Greece.net.


Anyone traveling now is mostly flying into the distance to have sun, summer, ocean and more: The Caribbean, Thailand and the Maldives have high season. Also Dubai has an ideal climate for the cold season. Where two generations ago were still Bedouin tents in the desert sand, today skyscrapers tower into the sky. Make yourself a picture of the rich emirate, which is decorated with numerous superlatives. The best from the top – you take the lift to the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.


Those who want to escape the Christmas rush, treat yourself to a break in a hotel complex in Mauritius – relaxation is on top of the agenda.

Or pack your belongings for Alaska to see the play of colors of the Northern Lights, which occur mainly in Anchorage, Fairbanks or in Denali National Park.

A bit of wind in your hair or fancy a snowstorm? Iceland is the place to go! The so-called “Stormhike” make adventurers at least wind force five to experience Iceland with all its facets. Sun and heat are then expressly undesired.

Unlike Australia. There is summer – ideal for visiting the many highlights: tropical rainforests in Queensland, the fabulous underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, the animal paradise on Kangaroo Island and of course the desert and Uluru. And if you’re here, you can welcome the New Year half a day earlier than e.g. in Europe. In summer New Year’s Eve will be celebrated in Sydney with a light show and big fireworks over the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Wherever you go – Enjoy, have fun and take care!

Your Best-of-the World-Team