1. Prepare before you go

Take time for the preparation of your next trip – and set yourself deadlines, so that it really works. Make up your mind, what you really want to see and explore. Grab a travel guide, book a guided tour with a theme or get a ticket for somethig special going on in your holiday destination.

2. Read more

A good travel book or novel doubles the holiday feeling! For a limited time, it takes you out of the familiar surroundings and into your personal fantasy world. E.g. discover Hemingway in Cuba, Orwell in Burma, Joyce in Dublin or Grass in Gdansk.

3. Hold your memories

Write down a few anecdotes and thoughts of your trips every night. Or sit down with an iPad or pencil and paper on a marketplace and draw the area or note the persons you just met. Take pictures and create a photo book after the trip together. It´s the precious memories that lead to long-lasting experiences.

4. Have the courage to travel alone

Don´t always organise yourself around the calendar´s of others. The result of the first solo vacation is often: It is much easier, more exciting and less lonely than you would have thought. In addition, you are guaranteed to learn something about yourself.

5. Make children to be your guide

Whining children, disinterested teenagers – Family holidays can be a pain for everyone involved. Why don´t you hold a family council before you go and discuss who will be in charge for what during your next vacation. Being bold here means to let your children decide where to go and what to do.

6. Fulfil your dreams

Follow your long-cherished wish trip. First, you need to find ou, why you haven´t already done it. The policy of small steps and long-term planning can help. Find a travel companion with momentum, a friend or a blogger on the Internet, who reports on your individual subject.

7. Go on holiday with friends

Bring a couple of old friends together to jointly spend a long weekend. At the lake, in the mountains, no matter where. Only one has to take care of the organisation. Now it is your turn! Clarify time: When we want to go, where to go? Once it is clear how many beds are needed, research begins for the appropriate property and the excursion program. But the main thing is, that you made a start.

8. Don´t take it all too seriously – relax and let it go.

Travelling always leads to unexpected circumstances!